Red Bird Clinic Community Health

Your SUMC mission team has chosen Red Bird Clinic Community Health for the July monthly mission. This mission is part of the Engage MI advances chosen by the UM Michigan Conference. Red Bird Clinic empowers individuals and advocates justice by providing health programs for low-income, under-insured, and uninsured members of the Appalachian
Mountain communities. They strive to improve the health of those living in remote areas where other services do not reach, or to persons that have limited or no transportation to
available services since 1921.

Red Bird community programs focus on healthy lifestyle or prevention models, which have never been attainable due to generational poverty. Lack of education, chronic poverty, lack of jobs, poor housing, and rugged mountainous terrain provide obstacles to a fuller life for the residents of this area. These factors exacerbate poor health conditions needing extensive late stage treatment, follow up, and support for its clients. This mission focuses efforts on providing accessible education for all aged clients now receiving medical and dental services. With this mission, elderly have experienced a higher quality of life due to improved health requiring less acute medical care; which contributes to a healthier Appalachian Mountain community.

Mindi Logan, Wanda Barclay co-chairs;
Jessica Lewis, Kellie Meyer,
Leanne Nitz, Lona Vogie,
Robin Weingart, Sally McWhirter, Jackie Witt

There’s room for YOU too!!

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