This Month’s Mission



The Interact Clubs of Southwest Michigan comprise approximately 300 students from:
1. St. Joseph High School
2. Upton Middle School
3. Lakeshore High School
4. Lake Michigan Catholic High School
5. Lake Michigan Catholic Middle School
6. Bridgman High School

Since 2015, the Interact Clubs of Southwest Michigan have traveled to La Romana, Dominican Republic to bring aid to impoverished Haitian Immigrants working and living in the sugar cane fields. What started out as a focus on bringing clean water to the Bateys through bio-sand water filters, has since evolved into in shacks with tin roofs and dirt floors. Interact Club Members and Chaperones personally cover their own travel, food and lodging expenses, but the mission cost is covered via fundraising efforts.

In 2018, the Interact Clubs decided to officially adopt Batey 106, focusing on the needs in the village of approximately 200. In July of 2019, 22 Interact Club Members and Chaperones served Batey 106. The trip is being considered one of the most productive, with both Club Members and Chaperones digging deeper to learn more about the greater needs and opportunities of Batey 106.

In this summer’s trip, students were tasked to find 3 children that Interact could sponsor for school. While there, students actually learned that NONE of the 123 children in Batey 106 have the chance to get a full education. This lack of education, condemns these children to a life of manual labor working in the sugar cane fields for young men and prostitution for young girls, “sent to the city” at age 13 to live with “Uncles.”

Thank you from your mission team: Pastor David, Lona Vogie, Nicole Tubman, Casey Tubman, Virginia Bedunah, Shirley Cole, Wanda Barclay

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