Living Beyond Hope

Living Beyond Hope


Last year, 2020 was an unprecedented situation for us all, and the impact of COVID-19 has changed our way of living forever. Like you, we are doing our best to navigate the situation as it continually evolves. We are thankful to know there is light at the end of the tunnel with the emerging of the COVID-19 vaccine. Please know, Living Beyond Hope and the Arnoldine community, are very appreciative of the concerns, and support you have shown over the years. This year went by with all our projects at Arnoldine Secondary school on hold. The students lost almost the entire year, but we hope the future is bright.

Living Beyond Hope would like to thank you, Stevensville United Methodist Congregation for your relentless support over the years of our projects at Arnoldine Secondary school, in Zimbabwe Africa. We started this journey together 6 years ago and in those 6 years we have touched many lives and improved their quality of living.

Together with the community we helped Arnoldine get access to clean water which they did not have before, bought thousands of books for the students, provided desks and other school furniture, financed the construction of their first classroom building with 2 classrooms, provided scholarships for the students who could not afford to pay tuition, and currently in the process of completing the first teachers housing which will accommodate 2 families. This will be the first house at Arnoldine with inside plumbing and running water .

How can you help
The population at Arnoldine Secondary School has increased since we started our partnership in 2015. The number of teachers has increased from 5 to 9, and the number of students has increased from 7 to approximately 300. This means that the School needs more classroom space, more clean water-storage tanks, and more housing for teachers.

Project A: Water Tanks
Four water tanks are needed at the school and at teachers’ housing. Each tank holds 1,250 gallons of water. A $400 donation will buy one tank.

Project B: Bricks for the Second Classroom Block
8,000 bricks are needed to complete this project. $70 will purchase 1000 bricks.

Project C: Ceiling Boards for classrooms and teacher housing
The cost for ceiling boards to complete the entire building is approximately $800.

Project D: Plumbing
This is a big project. Both the old renovated building and the newly built teachers’ housing are going to need plumbing. 7-toilets with toilet seats, 7-bathroom sinks, 7-kitchen sinks, septic tanks, pipes and other accessories. Estimated costs for some of the plumbing supplies:

A complete toilet costs $150, A bathroom sink costs $100,
Each kitchen sink costs $90 A septic tank for teacher housing costs several thousand dollars

A small donation will go a long way
$15 = 100lb cement bag
$25 = Stationary for 10 kids
$50 = 10 textbooks
$100 = 2 desks
$150 = 10 sq. ft. of completed classroom space


There’s room for YOU too!!

Thank You for supporting the Missions Ministry of SUMC.