Organizations We Support

Throughout the year Stevensville United Methodist Church support a number of local, national, and worldwide mission organizations.  These are often highlighted during the year through our “Monthly Mission” giving.

Here are just a few of the organizations we support. For more information about the individual organizations, click on the organization’s icon.

SUMC Mission Team

Wanda Barclay ♦ Barb Clark ♦ Kathleen Deforest ♦ Wayne Koebel ♦ Judy Kuhlman

Mindi Logan ♦ Dick Lukey ♦ Sally McWhirter ♦ Kellie Meyer ♦ Leanne Nitz

Nancy Poelker ♦ Barb Pries ♦ Melisa Rescoe ♦ Kathy Sankey ♦ Myra Thompson

Lona Vogie ♦ Paul Westmaas ♦ Rachel Wade ♦ Robin Weingart ♦ Rev. Elise Low Edwardson