Trustees – Church Building


The 2015-16 Trustees are co-chaired by Larry Shadle and Larry Klett

What we do:

The Trustees are responsible for all of the property owned by the Stevensville United Methodist Church.  This includes the church itself, the land surrounding the church including the pond, a parsonage for our pastor and a second home that has been used for a second pastor and is currently used for income.  Everything from the roofs that cover our heads to the floors that we walk on is the responsibility of the Trustees.   Our recent accomplishments include repaving our parking lot, constructing a Church Memorial Garden, evaluating and altering our church cleaning procedure, and, of course, the normal day to day maintenance required with any large building.  Trustees also sponsor workdays where the members of our congregation may have the opportunity to participate in the cleaning and maintaining work.

Who we are:

Ryan Arnt 470-6666
Ken Green 429-5656
Bette Mallen 429-8219
Leeanne Nitz 429-8150
Fred Seifert 429-5022
Dick Stauffer 429-4676
Ed Trollinger 422-2790
Harold Rescoe 408-0878


Fix it Request:

The Trustees cannot always see everything that needs their attention in our church and a “Fix it Request” form is used.  This form notifies the Trustees of areas that need attention – a burned out light bulb or a dripping faucet for example.  The forms are normally available on the Trustee bulletin board.  Here is a link to the Fix_it_Request form if one is not available.  Place the form in the Trustee’s mailbox.

Church Volunteers:

 The scope of the Trustee work is large and many people have volunteered to help the Trustees through a Service Commitment form available in the church office.

 The Trustees are in need of volunteers for shoveling sidewalks in the cold weather and mowing our church lawn in the warm weather.  We have the snow blowers, shovels and riding tractors.  We just need operators.    We will post the schedule of sidewalk shovelers and lawn mowers on the Trustee bulletin board.

Building Use and Fees:

Stevensville United Methodist church is used for many things in addition to Sunday worship.  Because of increasing costs for maintenance, repair, cleaning etc., the Trustees have implemented a rental policy and fee schedule for building use.  The rentals are handled by the church office.

Church Van Use:

Stevensville United Methodist church has a 15 passenger Ford Van used to transport church sponsored groups to and from events.  The van’s use is scheduled through the church office.  Please read the Van Use Policy before requesting use of the van and always complete the trip log located within the van.  Click here to see the van’s availability.

Wish List:

The Trustees also maintain a list of things that need attention (usually improvements) that are too large to be included in our regular budget.  Often members of our congregation feel the need to help with some of these improvements.   If you wish to donate towards a specific project, please contact our Church Finance Administrator.