SUMC Mission for February 2022 – Living Beyond Hope


Living Beyond Hope

The February mission focus is Living Beyond Hope. LBH was started in 2014 to improve the living and education conditions of Arnoldine Mission, a small village in Zimbabwe, Africa, and the home village of Farai Rakunda. LBH started when Farai returned to Arnoldine mission to visit family and friends. Farai came backand started a partnership with SUMC to raise money to repair and paint the church in Arnoldine. SUMC raised the funds to restore the church and the community of Arnoldine provided the labor for the work to be done.

The next project was to improve the education conditions. Arnoldine mission High School started with seven students in 2013 and two buildings. The students walked three miles round trip every morning to collect water from a river to take to school. SUMC and the community raised the money needed to get a clean water system in place for the school. That project was completed in June of 2015.

Today, the student population of Arnoldine mission High School has grown to around 300 students. Over the last six years, LBH has helped supply text books, student furniture, two new classroom buildings (one just opening in September 2021), teacher housing, and scholarships so students whose families can’t afford it can still attend school.

Through our donations to LBH and the willingness of the community of Arnoldine mission to contribute labor, we are able to greatly impact the lives of the children and whole community of Arnoldine mission.

Mindi Logan, Wanda Barclay Co-chairs;
Kellie Meyer, Barb Clark
Leanne Nitz, Kathy Sankey, Marilyn Stocking, Myra Thompson, Lona Vogie,
Robin Weingart, Sally McWhirter, Paul Westmaas,
Jackie Witt