SUMC Emergency Fund

This month’s mission offering will be given to the SUMC Emergency Fund which provides resources for people in our church community and area who are going through emergency need. Pastor Elise uses these funds to assist people to avoid gas, electric, and water shut offs.

Many times this help is enough for them to get back on their feet. These funds are paid directly to the utility companies or municipalities. We partner with Social Services, Catholic Community Center, Salvation Army, and St. Vincent DePaul in assisting people when they are in need.

During 2022 our church was able to help 20 families. Please consider donating to our church’s Emergency Fund to support this important mission here in our community.


Mindi Logan, Wanda Barclay, Co-Chairs
Barb Clark, Kathleen Deforest, Wayne Koebel, Judy Kuhlman, Dick Lukey, Sally Mcwhirter, Kellie Meyer,
Leanne Nitz, Nancy Poelker, Barb Pries, Melissa Rescoe, Kathy Sankey, Myra Thompson,
Lona Vogie, Paul Westmaas, Rachel Wade, Robin Weingart, Elise Low Edwardson